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Tess x Zeus Puppies! Week Two! (Day 12)

Pups are heading into week two! Tess and babies are doing great! All pups are at, or almost, three times their birthweights! Ms. Pink is catching up at 16.1 ounces! 400% of her birthweight!

Keep sending love to Tess, the pups, and their humans!

Weights today (ounces):

Ms. Pink: 16.1

Ms. Yellow: 32.2

Mr. Blue: 31.9

Ms. Orange: 34

Ms. Red: 26.8

Ms. White: 30.0

Mr. Green: 30.2

Mr. Purple: 29.8

Mr. Lime: 29.8

Order of photos (left to right):

Orange; Green: White

Purple; Lime; Red

Pink; Blue; Yellow

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