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February 9, 2007-March 22, 2021


2007 #10 Top Ten Chinook

2007 Top Ten Best of Breed


Zimmie, (officially GRCH Laughing Mountain Zympo), was born in February 2007 to our girl Freyja (GRCH Hurricane 16Freyja Rain) and Brett (Springcreek’s Lambeau Leap).


Zimmie was a special boy from day one, from the very first litter we ever raised at Laughing Mountain Chinooks.  His name means “sweet” in Tibetan (so I’m told), and he embodied every ounce of sweetness.  His piercing gaze could be a bit unnerving if you didn’t know him, as his typical Chinook markings and masking made his amber eyes glow.


We were lucky enough to find a wonderful home in Boulder that welcomed Zimmie into their family, where he stayed until the end of his days.  They took such good care of him, and were a breeder’s dream because they would let me visit anytime, and allow me to wisk Zimmie away for a weekend of showing, or even a cross country trip to Kalamazoo for the UKC Premier. 


Zimmie did well with showing, and completed his UKC Championship quickly.  I can’t remember if it was done in a single weekend, but I was so proud of him when he won a Group 1 in his first weekend of showing.  He was so tired by the time we went in for Best in Show, he could hardly stand and keep his eyes open.  He was 9 months old.


When I took Zimmie, Delia (his sister), and Zuzu to Premier in 2008, I had no expectations, just going to have a nice visit with all our Chinook friends.  It turned out to be the best show weekend I have ever had.  Zimmie, was a bouncy dog (think sled dog excited lunges).  In order to calm him down, we would calmly walk around, and then I would just sit and softly speak with him while stroking his chest.  He calmed down and pulled out all the stops to take the 2007 Top Ten Best of Breed for Chinooks!  I was stunned and so proud of my boy!  His sister, Delia, went on to take Best Female at the Chinook Specialty, and Zuzu, who had been sleeping pretty much for three days and not very interested in showing, finally woke up and earned a Best of Breed and Group 2 in the Northern Group at Premier!  She was so easy to show when she decided it was worth her time. J


We had hoped to breed Zympo, but right before turning two years old, he experienced two episodes of full blown seizures.  It broke our hearts.  He required seizure medication, and lived a long, full life without having any more episodes.


Zimmie and I had a special bond.  We would see him from time to time in town, and he would always have a full on “I’m so excited to see you” hello for us.  One time, we were hiking in the Foothills near town, and I saw a woman with three dogs coming up the path.  “That looks like a Chinook!”  I didn’t recognize the woman.  “Is that Zimmie? It is!  It’s Zimmie!”  He came running over to great us, and when it came time to continue our hike, he wanted to go with us instead of the dogwalker.  We would have taken him, but he had to go home. 


Such a love.  I will always cherish how he would come over and lay his head on my knees, looking for some love scritches.  He was such a good, well loved dog.

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