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GRCH 'PR' Alpine Babazuzu
2007 #4 UKC Top Ten Chinook
2008 Group 2 Win Northern Group at UKC Premier

Our beloved Zuzu crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, to join and be welcomed by all the other wonderful Chinooks that have passed before her.  My heart aches with this loss, because Zuzu was my “special” girl.  We just clicked, like two peas in a pod.  Laidback, gentle, loving, and kind she was.  My Zen dog.  My Rasta girl.


Zuzu was one of our original “Three Amigos” (Zydeco, Zuzu, Freyja).  The name came from a photo that we took one year after a big snowstorm.  The setting was perfect, and somehow, we caught the dogs at just the right moment.


Zuzu came to us from Karen Allen of Alpine Chinooks in Wenatchee, WA.  One of those pups that just happens to find their way to you.  She was a unique pup from the start, sleeping straight through the night from the first day we brought her home.  She easily fit in with our other Chinooks, Zydeco and Freyja, since Zuzu did not have the need to be an alpha girl, she left that to Freyja. 


We always joked that Zuzu was the “World’s Laziest Sled Dog”.  She would hike and run if asked, but if given a choice, she just loved to relax in the sun, look for tadpoles,  hang out, and have her belly and ears rubbed.


Showing in conformation was not Zuzu’s idea of how to spend a day, but she went along, and easily earned her UKC Grand Championship.  At 70 pounds, she had a solid build, with a big chest.  The peak of her career was when she pulled out all the stops at the 2008 UKC Premier and took Second Place in the Northern Group.  After that, she retired from the show ring.  Karen and Dave Schiller and I continue to laugh about how at one show, Zuzu was growing rather bored with running around the ring, and while the judge was examining her, mild mannered Zuzu made a sound.  The judge asked, “Did she just growl?”  I replied, “Oh no, just clearing her throat.  She does that sometimes.”  That is the only time I have ever heard her do it, and I still chuckle when I think about it.


Mostly, I will miss her love, and her beautiful amber eyes, full of expression (especially if treats were involved). How, when I would come home, and she would quietly walk over and lean against my legs, give me a kiss, and ask for some rubs.


Godspeed, Zuzu.  I miss you.

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