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Wildcat Valley Forest

With Freyja and Zuzu getting on in years, it was obvious that Moonshadow needed a bud who could run and chase, tug and play as much as Moonshadow. We needed a boy who could mix well with our current pack.  A pup that could hold his own, but not be over dominant, and was independent enough that he could entertain himself and be happy on his own as well. The timing finally seemed right, and it was none other than Tess, Moonshadow's sister, who had a lovely litter of nine pups: four boys and five girls.  Out of this wonderful litter came Forest.  All the males were so handsome, yet there was something special about Forest.  Every time I came to visit, he would come over to the edge of the whelping pen and quietly sit there, with a soft expression which said "Hello! I'm so glad to see you!" 

Forest came home to live with us in Colorado, and immediately made himself at home. This little fella' takes after his Mama Tess, and is going to keep us on our toes.  He learns very quickly, and you can tell he is thinking things through, watching, and figuring out how to do things on his own (Oh oh!).  He has been friendly and at ease with all our dogs (though it took about a week for Freyja and Zuzu to realize he was staying).  He and Moonshadow are like big brother and little brother.  Forest looks up to Moonshadow, and follows him around. They love to play together, and Moonshadow is great at adapting his play style to Forest, though on occasion, I have to make sure that Moonshadow is not going to fling Forest across the yard on the rope toy.

Forest is a special boy, and brings a little bit of Alley with him, as he is her grandson.

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