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Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Freyja in May 2018.  She lived a long life of 15 1/2 yrs.  We miss her dearly.


Freyja is our "Southern Belle.”  Demur yet confident, she has been the alpha girl since she arrived in our home. Even as a pup, she would playfully launch herself at Zydeco, despite his far outweighing her. Poor Zydeco didn’t know what hit him!

Freyja has fluid movement, a nice chest, wonderful angulation, and powerful rear.  Her balance is perhaps her best feature and it’s topped off with a nice head.  Though she’s not large, weighing between 50 and 55 pounds, she has nice substance to her bones.

Freyja has done well in the show ring and won many notable awards including Best Female at the UKC Premier in 2004, the Champion class at the 2006 UKC Washington Classic over tough competition, and another Champion class at the 2006 UKC Premier in Kalamazoo, Michigan while competing against eight other nationally-ranked champion Chinooks. She also took Best of Breed at the 2005 Washington Classic over the best Chinooks in the West. She loves the snow for both playing with her pack mates and skijoring where she pulls either Andy or I. She does well in harness when paired with another dog.  She loves to run, obeys commands promptly, and has taken to training easily to the point that she can be trusted off leash in safe environments. Her personality is outgoing and confident. She’s tough, resilient, and handles pressure without falling apart, necessary traits for a sled dog. She is dominant with strange female dogs yet coexists easily with other dominant females she knows. She has been playing Mom to our Zuzu since Zuzu arrived as a nine week old pup. As far as humans go, Freyja loves every adult or child she meets.  Since finishing her UKC Grand Championship, Freyja has retired from the show ring, and is enjoying runs with Andy and just hanging out.

GRCH 'PR' Hurricane Freyja Rain
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